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Pet Care Tips

Posted by on Aug 18, 2016 in Animal Care, Pet's, Shelter | Comments Off on Pet Care Tips

People often decide to adopt a pet without giving it a thought, and that is why animal cruelty is slowly becoming a common phenomenon. If you are currently thinking about adopting an animal, or you already have a pet but, read the following tips and then decide on your next step. If you don’t pay enough attention to your pet, consider giving it to a more loving family.The first step is determining if you’re an adequate candidate for a pet owner. If your lifestyle isn’t stable and you have inconvenient work hours then adopting a pet probably isn’t the thing you should do. Most animals require constant care during the day.

The second step is choosing the right animal for your pet. Choose the one that is the most similar to you, however before you do that, take your time, surf the internet and find out everything you can about certain animal’s behavior, needs and so on. When you do that, you will have a clear image of what you do want. Lizards, birds, fish, hamsters, bunnies, cats or dogs, it’s completely your choice, just be sure you have everything they need.

The third step is preparing your house for a newcomer. Before you decide and adopt an individual pet, you need to take care of their future needs, and that means preparing your household with all the necessary things. Begin with moving all poisonous and harmful things within your pet’s reach.

If you have the resources, consider giving your pet his own ‘bedroom.’ Create boundaries and fences if your pet is going to have outdoor time.

Before you bring your buddy home make sure you buy supplies you need in a pet store. Housing, food, toys and grooming supplies are the things every pet need, no matter it’s kind. If you aren’t familiar with the animal’s needs, talk to pet store owners or find advice online, if you can you can even consult a vet.

When it comes to taking care of your pet, you need to do two things in advance – research how much money you need to meet all needs of your pet and determine the budget, and second, schedule regular visits to a vet. Pets usually aren’t demanding, and they don’t need expensive care.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t spend any money on its needs. Since dog sizes and breeds differ a lot, you will need to allocate from about $600 to $900 on an annual level, $600 for cats,$700 on a rabbit, $400 per a parrot and just about $40 for a fish. Aside from this, you should form a little emergency fund for your pet in case of an injury or illness.

The first thing you should do after adopting a pet is taking it to the vet, consult him about his current condition and ask how often you need to get him to the check-ups. Just like any other living creatures animals need constant care, and the best way to provide it to them is taking them to a vet on the regular basis.

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Posted by on Aug 18, 2016 in Animal Care | Comments Off on THE IMPORTANCE OF ANIMAL CARE


Even though technological advancements and the overall evolution of the human race have separated us from our animal friends, we are still heavily connected with them, and it is imperative that we always treat our pets and other animals in a humane and responsible manner. It was a long, long time ago that the first animals were domesticated, and even in that Neolithic period, some 10.000 years ago, people knew that proper treatment of animals would produce positive results. The process of domestication could not have been possible without a gentle approach and a certain level of care, and the same “laws” apply today.


Animals and humans still have a mutually beneficial arrangement, which means that we are useful to each other. If we help them and take good care of them, animals will return the favor, and many parts of the world still depend on animals to sustain the everyday life. From transportation, agriculture, and overall industrial production, to entertainment and education – animals are helpful and useful to us, and the human-animal bond is surviving the changes in our world.

Urban areas have fewer needs for animals and their assistance in performing some tasks and duties, and the role of animals in those areas is slightly different, but the importance of pets for our health and well-being is equally valuable, so we have to take care of our animals friends in the best way possible. No matter where we live, in the Antarctic, or in the desert, or in the available homes in Central Park South, New York, we all have to respect the ethics of animal welfare, and if we follow those principles of conduct, the rewards will be amazing in the end.

Veterinarians, farmers, animals trainers, zoo keepers, and many other experts who are in direct and constant contact with animals are aware of the need for institutional protection of animals, and laws ad regulations are necessary for every area of life, and animal care in no exception. I

It is important that as many people as possible are informed about the basic elements that all animals are entitled to, and those “freedoms” are similar to human rights. The freedom to have access to fresh water and food, to have a suitable shelter and housing, to have the opportunist to socialize, and so on, are essential rights that every animal should have.

No animal should go through pain, suffering, or a disease without proper treatment and prevention, and veterinary care is of great importance in these cases.

Unfortunately, a lot of cases of cruelty and neglect are present all over the world, and our animal friends still work and live in harsh conditions and with a lot of pain and problems. The abuse may not be deliberate in most cases, but ignorance should not be an excuse, and only by informing people about the need for animal care can we prevent further damages and save our planet and some animal species for the generations that are coming.

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